Applied Research Designs, Inc.

Affordable Broadband Access and Adoption

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Company Description

The company was founded by James Rattleff. James Rattleff and AR Designs began the business as a research and development firm and transitioned into consulting and services.  

Today AR Designs is primarily known as a services company, specializing as a Wireless Network solutions provider and Wireless Internet Service Provider for residential and business users.  AR Designs uses Wi-Fi technology. AR Designs delivers low cost, reliable high-speed wireless Internet connectivity to under served urban and rural markets. 

In comparison with wire line Internet access using dial-up or DSL or Cable Modem technology, wireless Internet access delivers more convenience and flexibility to customers. Since no cables are required, the cost to build a broadband network with feature-rich access point devices is cheaper and easier to deploy.  Thus, Wi-Fi networks are an ideal solution for the affordable markets that AR Designs serves. 

 Affordable Wi-Fi 

“Current access mediums such as enhanced copper, cable and fibre competently serve only a portion of the available market and, with the exception of fibre, provide insufficient symmetrical bandwidth to meet the multi-megabit needs of the current fixed broadband market – much less allow for future data speeds.  A fixed broadband wireless network presents the single best medium for delivering these services reliably, cost effectively and profitably…” 

Cisco Systems Statement

AR Designs Management Team

James Rattleff, CEO

James Rattleff is the CEO of AR Designs, managing technology development and operations for the company.  A computer scientist from DeVry University and certified on several computer and networking platforms, Mr. Rattleff has worked as a project manager on numerous projects where he organized and managed technical specifications for engineering teams from many major corporations such as: Ameritech, AT&T, Motorola, Price Waterhouse Coopers, the Chicago Board of Trade, Andersen Consulting and Baxter Healthcare. A specialist in communications engineering, he has been for more than 20 years an innovator in the development of wireless remotely operated communications platforms. During this time period, his company, AR Designs, has been been building their IP portfolio by licensing, co-developing and enhancing federally-developed wireless communications technologies for practical and affordable real world solutions. In 1999, Mr. Rattleff led the acquisition of and substantially enhanced the world's first embedded web server API, “Tempest”, originally developed by the NASA Glenn Research Center. In 2002, AR Designs prototyped all the communications protocols to operate NASA Glenn's suite of Optically Transparent Broadband Antenna technologies. In a 2003 collaboration with NASA Glenn and Dept. of Energy's Honeywell Federal Manufacturing Technologies Lab, Mr. Rattleff led advancements in remote environmental monitoring systems (REMS) in order to develop the first wireless area network (WAN) with integrated embedded realtime web based remote sensing and video monitoring controls. All these technologies are now core components today of AR Designs' proprietary network monitoring systems. Company R&D 

 Next Generation R&D 

Daniel Mason, President

Daniel Mason is the President of AR Designs, managing operations, business and communications for the company.  He has degrees in black studies and business from Amherst College.  Prior to co-founding AR Designs, Mr. Mason spent 15 years in all major fields of technology commercialization under NASA contract, as a technology researcher, analyst, assessor, commercial developer and venture developer.  Dan was delivered NASA Dryden’s first two technology licensing deals and was also responsible for the Battelle Memorial Institute's first four NASA Glenn technology licensing deals.  In 1999, he helped to establish NASA's first technology commercialization center in Illinois and was instrumental in the expansion of this Battelle unit into a multimillion dollar operation with over 50 employees, replete with commercialization partnerships with the State of Illinois, the U.S. Navy, a number of NASA centers and many of the major federal labs.  As a venture developer for the Illinois Coalition, Mr. Mason spearheaded over 25 venture capital investments totaling over $7M in Illinois technology companies while raising the portfolio IRR from 24% to 40% in less than 2 years as fund manager.

 Company R&D 

 Next Generation R&D 

City-Wide Wi-Fi Network

Home-Based Wi-Fi Network